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The Importance of Urgent Care in the Healthcare System
Thursday, August 23, 2018

First Aid

Health is one factor in an individual’s life that should never be taken for granted. It is precisely why there is a pharmacy at every corner, clinics close to every establishment and employers creating separate provisions for sick leaves, medical allowances, as well as extended paid leaves.

While extreme cases require being admitted to the hospital for a considerable duration, there is always a need for urgent care to be available. There are many reasons why urgent care facilities and personnel are significant, such as:

A Greater Number of Patients Require Immediate Attention

In a survey conducted by PNC Healthcare, it was estimated that millennials (i.e. individuals between the ages of eighteen and thirty-three) comprised 33% of patients at retail clinics and urgent care centers. The main reason this has transpired is because urgent care facilities are mobile and transparent in nature. They are also flexible in terms of treatments, pricing and availability of information.
Since we live in an era of instant gratification, more and more patients are seeking urgent care. This includes expedited medical visits, for instance. In short, urgent care is the preferred choice for a plethora of people.

They Provide All the Necessary Options

With the passage of time, urgent care facilities have proven that hospitals are not the only outlet for treatment. Urgent care centers are now offering more than just immediate attention, with certain clinics going to the extent of catering to patients who need additional services such as; sport physicals, occupational health procedures, and providing care for patients needing treatment for illness or injuries sustained while working. 

More Locations is Tantamount to Less Waiting Time

Large hospitals in densely populated regions may require patients to wait for a while, especially in cases where other factors like a shortage of staff may arise. In such cases, patients will want to avoid waiting, particularly if they are experiencing considerable discomfort.
As such, they will visit urgent care centers that will be able to meet their needs. Since there has been a rise in the number of urgent care facilities in the country, it has gotten easier for patients to find their way to their nearest center and seek medical attention.

Accessibility to drop in centers is extremely facile. It means less waiting period and less paperwork as well. The availability of multiple locations ensures that patients can be admitted quickly and can leave soon once their treatment is complete. People are always seeking prompt and reliable care, which is why urgent care centers are important.

They are Technologically Adept

At urgent care facilities, patients are exposed to purpose-built patient portals, electronic health records on-demand, management software and other means as well. All of the above tools give patients an enriched experience. Even though such centers are smaller than hospitals in terms of size and amenities, they are still up-to-date in terms of technology and equipment.

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