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Doctors' Urgent Care Offices are Going the Extra Mile to Protect You and Your Family, Our Employees and the Community During COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Tuesday, April 14, 2020

As with most businesses, Doctors' Urgent Care Offices are facing the challenge of protecting our Company's employees, patients and employers' health and safety. During March, stay-at-home orders were given by our Governor. These orders have forced Doctors' Urgent Care Offices to evaluate and change how we are delivering healthcare and employer services. Our hope and belief is that this, like everything else related to the current pandemic, is temporary, but until it passes here are some steps we are taking:

PROTECTING OUR PATIENTS: We have taken and will continue to take all necessary steps to protect our employees and patients during this pandemic. Some of these include:

  • Patients do not share the same space or exam room. We practice social distancing to every extent possible within our medical offices.
  • Triage provided at your car for patients with potential COVID-19 exposure or other respiratory conditions. Our staff are following CDC guidelines in addressing potential COVID-19 exposure.
  • We have designated exam rooms for patients with respiratory conditions. Separate exam rooms are designated for all other medical conditions.
  • Our staff wear all necessary protective gear and equipment and our staff will provide protective gear to patients as indicated by their medical condition. We also have added temporary barriers in the offices to provide additional protection for patients and our staff.
  • Each office has a Lumin UV Light Sanitizing Device to use to sterilize protective gear. Just one of many additional steps of protection and caution our staff is taking to keep our communities protected.
  • We continue to clean areas after each patient exam and perform an extensive, deep cleaning at the end of each shift.
TELEHEALTH SERVICES NOW AVAILABLE AT DOCTORS' URGENT CARE OFFICES: Effective immediately and during the pandemic, we are providing telehealth services for our patients. If you think your medical needs can be handled with a telehealth visit, please call any of our office locations and ask about telehealth. We will answer your questions, ensure a telehealth visit is appropriate for your needs, and set up a time for a telehealth visit with one of our office providers. During a telehealth visit, if our provider determines that you need to be seen in one of our Doctors' Urgent Care Offices locations, you will be directed to do so. Telehealth visits are billed to insurance just like normal office visits.


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