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Healthy Eating
Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hearing that a single food can change your health one week and then a week later, hearing the opposite about that food, can be more than frustrating when you’re working to follow a healthy diet. But the truth may be that healthy eating doesn't lie in a single food or a solitary nutrient, but rather in a single, simple idea.

Dr. David Katz, Dean of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center, was asked recently to compare popular diets and nutrition recommendations seen regularly on television, in magazines, and of course, online. Working with colleague, Stephanie Meller, the findings were published in an Annual Review article, titled, “Can We Say What Diet Is Best for Health?” In it, they conclude that among the diets they reviewed (low carb, low fat, Mediterranean, Paleo, etc.), there was no clear winner as far as “best diet” but rather a common theme that the healthiest diets incorporate. That theme? A mostly vegetarian diet of natural, minimally processed foods is most closely associated with promoting good health and preventing disease.

A diet that is primarily plant-based offers lots of favorable health benefits such as lower incidences of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. A diet that is high in plant-based foods, usually consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. But, as Katz points out, a healthy plant-based diet should also include healthy fats.

Choosing a healthy diet can do a lot more for you than simply help you shed unwanted weight. By incorporating healthy food choices into your daily routine, you can reduce your chances of disease and early death by half.

If you’re wondering how to make healthy changes in your diet, give us a call. You never need an appointment to see one of our healthcare professionals and we’re always happy to help you get on the road to good health.


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