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Increase your Chances of Staying Well All Winter
Thursday, November 12, 2015

It’s probably unlikely that you’ll make it through the entire winter without a sniffle, but if you want to improve your odds that you’ll spend less time feeling rotten between now and the first buds of spring, use some of these tips.

Choose Health Foods and Take your Vitamins

It’s always a good idea to make healthy meal choices, but you may find even more benefits during cold and flu season when you make smart choices. According to some studies, eating a serving of Greek yogurt with live, active cultures every day may reduce your chances of catching a cold or flu by nearly 30%. Vitamin D is harder for your body to make during the winter months when you’re spending less time in the sun so it’s a good idea to boost your intake with high quality vitamins.

Get a Flu Shot

Want to significantly increase your chances of staying healthy this winter? Get a flu shot. Even if you do catch a different strain of the flu virus, the flu shot could lessen your symptoms.

Increase Humidity Levels

If the winter weather and your home furnace are drying you out, try increasing your home’s humidity level with a humidifier. Shoot for about 30% humidity. Or, for a more direct approach, try using a saline mist to keep your nasal passages healthy.

Learn to Meditate, and Practice Daily

Stress wrecks havoc on our health and an easy fix is setting aside a short time every day for quiet meditation. In fact, researchers at the University of Wisconsin at Madison found that people who meditate regularly took 76% fewer sick days than those who do not.

Wash Your Hands and Don’t Touch your Face

Simple but true, washing your hands before eating will take you a long way on the road to staying healthy as will breaking a habit many of us share: touching our own nose and mouth. When we touch our face, we’re offering germs a direct route to our internal systems. No need to make it so easy for the little buggers.

We hope you’ll stay well all winter but if you do find yourself under the weather, stop in anytime. You never need an appointment to see one of our healthcare professionals and we’re always happy to help you get on the road to recovery.


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