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Resolutions you can really stick to
Wednesday, January 14, 2015

We’ve all drawn up resolutions lists full of good intentions that were ignored a week later. It’s probably human nature to aim high when trying to adopt new, healthier habits. But there may be some wisdom in keeping resolutions realistic this year. It seems a dash of realism makes resolutions easier to keep. Try putting some of these on your list—we’ll bet you’ll stick to them long after January has come and gone.

Skip the Fads

Losing weight is both a popular and laudable goal, regardless of the time of year. If this one is on your list for 2015, don’t get sucked into fad diets or the latest eating trends. Stick to common sense (cut out empty calories found in sugary foods and drinks, eat whole, unprocessed foods whenever possible, and watch your portion size). Fad diets will send you swinging from one extreme to the other, which can really be hard to navigate and stick with. Plus, it’s probably not that healthy to begin with.

Cook for Yourself

Or your friends and loved ones, of course. There’s definitely a correlation between maintaining a healthy weight and making smarter food choices and cooking your own food. It probably has to do with a feeling of responsibility for the ingredients or taking pride in something you’ve done yourself. Whatever it is, you have a lot more control over what’s on your plate when you’re the one preparing it.

Chill Out Everyday

Stress is ever present for most of us—whether you’re doing your best to get the kids off to school on time (with backpacks and lunches!) or facing down an irritated board of directors at the next company meeting. No matter where your stress comes from, if you don’t have strategies for letting it go, your health may suffer. Keep your stress reduction simple and stick to things you enjoy. Sometimes a quiet room for 10 minutes is all it takes to decompress. Exercise is another great way to blow off steam from a stressful day. Or get together with good friends; companions can help stress dissolve in minutes.

Sleep More

We are a nation of the chronically exhausted. Sleep is one of your best defenses against a number of health issues. Lack of sleep has been proven to make it harder to stick to a healthy diet, cause difficulties when driving or operating heavy machinery and even shorten your life (chronic insomnia). When you get enough sleep each night (adults should get about eight hours) you’ll have more energy to stick to your other resolutions.

If you experience health problems anytime in 2015, we’re here to help. You never need an appointment. Just stop in and we’ll help get you on the road to recovery.



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